Do you struggle with food and your weight?

Have you tried diet after diet only to fail, or, worse still, to succeed in losing weight only to eventually regain all that you had lost, plus more?

Is food/dieting/weight constantly on your mind?

Are you a “yo-yo” dieter?

Is your relationship with food and eating a constant battle instead of a normal, pleasurable way to nourish your body?

Do you wonder why you can’t eat “normally”? Why you can’t just stop when you feel full? Or perhaps why you never feel full until you’re absolutely stuffed?

If any of the above sound only too familiar, you’re not alone……

But what if it isn’t your lack of willpower that’s to blame, what if there’s another reason?

We do nothing for no reason, and if, despite all of your conscious efforts to control your eating through willpower alone, to ‘stick to a diet’, or to try and lose weight through rigorous exercise, and you still fail, it could well be that you’re not weak-willed at all, and that, at a subconscious level, you have a need to overeat – a need to maintain a higher weight.

The role of your subconscious mind is to keep you well and safe and happy, and if it thinks, for whatever reason, that keeping you at a higher weight will fulfill that purpose then no amount of willpower will persuade it differently, and all of your weight loss efforts are destined to fail at some point.

How Curative Hypnotherapy can help

Curative Hypnotherapy is an advanced form of hypnotherapy which uses a very logical, analytical way of questioning the subconscious mind to uncover the Root Cause of your weight/food issues and then correct any mis-information which is causing you to feel compelled to overeat and maintain a higher weight than you consciously want. For something, i.e. a weight/food problem to exist is has to have been created – it has to have come from somewhere, and this is what Curative Hypnotherapy aims to find out.

Over a number of sessions we work together with your subconscious mind to get to the true cause and to work with your subconscious in order to understand and acknowledge it’s reasoning and to negotiate and update any programming which is no longer serving a useful purpose, and this is done with your subconscious mind’s full approval that it would be in your best interest to do so.

In this way, once the cause has been found and removed (a bit like digging up the roots of a tree so that it cannot grow back at some later time, as opposed to just cutting it down to ground level and hoping for the best) the problem will cease to exist because there is no longer a need for it.

Curative Hypnotherapy goes beyond addressing what the problem/symptom is and when it may be triggered or become worse and how that can be managed/alleviated, to understanding and effectively dealing with why it exists in the first place, and then working rationally and logically to eliminate it permanently.

This is all done in a very gently and non-intrusive way, thereby allowing you to just relax, drift off and enjoy the deep relaxation of each therapy session. The only requirement from you is for you to commit to listening daily between sessions to a short and enjoyable recording which will enhance the therapy for you.

And while there can never be any guarantees, if you are seeking a lasting solution to your weight and/or food issues and not just another ‘quick-fix’ method of temporary relief then Curative Hypnotherapy could well be the answer that you’re looking for.

Hypno Gastric Band

While the ‘Gastric Band’ method can have it’s place in weight loss hypnotherapy, everyone is unique, and as such everyone’s reasons for overeating/being overweight are unique to them. So it is necessary first to have a good discussion about your own personal reasons/expectations etc. for the outcome that you are hoping to achieve, and it is often the case that other options may be more suitable for you. For that reason I do offer a free, no obligation Initial Consultation so that you are more fully informed, and can then make up your own mind before committing to any therapy.