These are genuine testimonials as given to me by some of my clients, and published here with their kind permission. Names have been withheld to respect client confidentiality.

“Carryl has helped me enormously in turning my whole life around! I approached Carryl initially to see if she could help me control my stress and anxiety levels which in turn would help me to be able to concentrate on another goal which was to lose weight, Following a thorough consultation, Carryl was able to recommend a unique plan for me which involved hypnotherapy and Bio-Resonance. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and began to feel changes in my stress levels immediately. Now I am totally stress free, suffer no anxiety and I’m nearly 3 stones lighter! Carryl is exceptionally highly skilled and I would recommend her to anyone.”
– K.M. Conway

“I would like to thank Carryl for curing me of nail-biting which I have done for over 50 years. This took just one session of hypnotherapy and a CD to listen to. Thank you so much.”
– P.S. Porthmadog

“If you have definitely made your mind up to quit smoking, then Hypnotherapy and Bio-Resonance is the way to go! I didn’t think quitting could be this easy, I have no urge to smoke any more and I feel so much better and healthier.”
– A.M. Pwllheli

“I would like to thank you so much for the relaxation session in preparation for my recent eye surgery, my breathing was controlled and it totally relaxed me before and during the operation as I had to remain conscious throughout. Thanks again, I couldn’t have done it without you.”
– A.S. Porthmadog