Unique to both Porthmadog and the whole of North Wales, the Hypno-Detox programme offers you the best chance of not only stopping smoking, but of staying stopped, by dealing simultaneously and effectively with both nicotine cravings and the habit side of smoking.

Cravings and harsh withdrawal symptoms can be a thing of the past when you choose to stop smoking with the Hypno-Detox Programme, which is a combination of both Hypnosis and Bio-Resonance Detoxing carried out over two sessions held one week apart.

What is Bio-resonance Detoxing?

Bio-resonance is an umbrella term traditionally used to describe the interaction between the bio-field of a living organism and frequency patterns that interact with specific parts of it.

With its origins in Eastern Europe where it is widely used, Bio-Resonance is fast gaining popularity here in the UK and thousands of people have successfully and painlessly stopped smoking with the therapy.

Bio-Resonance Therapy is both painless and relaxing. The system uses sophisticated computer software to read the client’s energy field, and produced resonance patterns to both cancel out the energetic pattern of nicotine in the body and detoxify it at the same time, thus eliminating the craving for cigarettes and nicotine, and restoring the body to it’s pre-addiction, natural state.

For the duration of the 2 hour Detox session the client is connected via wrist (and/or ankle) straps to the system while their body is being detoxed from the nicotine and brought back to balance. The Bio-Resonance itself is very relaxing, and this relaxation is greatly enhanced with Hypnotherapy, which is introduced during the middle of the session.


For many people smoking has become a habit that they associate with certain actions or rituals, such as a cigarette after a meal, whilst driving, watching TV or drinking alcohol, and for lasting success it helps to break these patterns and Hypnosis can be a valuable tool to achieve this.

While in a deeply relaxed state the subconscious mind of the client can be accessed, and suggestions for positive change and benefit can then be given to the subconscious mind to re-programme the existing habit patterns for the client’s benefit.

For this reason two sessions of the deeply relaxing state of Hypnosis are used as part of the Hypno-Detox Programme to re-educate the client’s subconscious mind to reject smoking and thus eliminate any conscious need for ‘willpower’ or going ‘cold turkey’. Clients are also asked for the week between these two sessions to follow a given Protocol as part of the Hypno-Detox Programme and thus best prepare themselves for a life without smoking.

Trying to stop smoking with willpower and the conscious (rational, thinking) mind alone is almost destined to fail as the subconscious mind is far more powerful and if it thinks that smoking is somehow benefiting the client because of outdated programming then it will make sure that, at some point, the client continues to smoke, however hard they try to stop.


While there can never be any guarantees, by combining the detoxifying effects of Bio-Resonance Therapy with the positive re-programming of Hypnosis, you will be giving yourself the very best chance to stop smoking and stay stopped, but the most important thing to remember is that you must truly have had enough of nicotine ruling your life and want 100% to stop smoking, even if you don’t know how – just leave that part to the Hypno-Detox Programme!

Free aftercare

The full Hypno-Detox Programme also includes four weeks Free Aftercare so that you continue to feel supported during this initial period of adjusting once again to life as a non-smoker.

If you suffer with a serious health condition please consult first with your GP. This therapy is not advisable if you are pregnant or if you have a pacemaker.

Free, no obligation initial consultation …… 1/2 hour
Cost of full Hypno-Detox Programme …… £145
Which includes ……  
First session (3/4 to 1 hour) Hypnosis and introduction to 1 week Protocol. Back-up CD/recording for home use during the following week.
Second session (1hr 3/4 to 2 hours) Hypnosis, full Bio-resonance Stop Smoking Detox session, back-up CD/recording and one month’s free aftercare.

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.”

– The Eagles