Past Life Therapy

door3Do you often wonder if you have lived before?

Do you experience flashbacks, or moments of déjà vu?

Maybe you suffer from unexplainable health problems, or have irrational fears?

Have you ever met someone for the first time but felt that you already know them?

Do you feel drawn to a particular country, or to a certain period in History?

Whatever the reason for your interest, exploring past lives can help you to resolve issues which you may be struggling with in your current life, or it may just help you to satisfy your curiosity.

Past Life Regression is a way of using hypnosis to take you on a journey of discovery back through time and helping you to unlock the doors into those lifetimes that may hold the key to explaining some unanswered questions that you have today. With insight comes understanding, and effective hypnotherapy techniques can be used where necessary during the process to deal with whatever may arise, and to help bring resolution in this lifetime.

door2As a Holistic Hypnotherapist I work with the whole person, mind, body and Spirit, and I regularly regress clients to an earlier time in their current life to help them gain insight and understanding into the cause of their presenting issue and then work with them to find a way to resolve that issue and move forward in a positive way by releasing the negative thinking and conditioning that has kept them ‘stuck’ for so long.

I see Past Life Regression as a natural extension of the same work, and I believe that it can be truly enlightening and often life-changing for the client. Resolving issues that we may have carried with us for numerous lifetimes can only be empowering, and I believe that this can only help us in releasing Karma and moving us forward on our Spiritual journey.

If you are not sure if Past Life Therapy is for you, or if you would just like an informal chat to help you decide, please feel free to ring me on either of my phone numbers, or contact me via e-mail.